About us

Linkhunger made for Webmasters for linkbuilding purpose as well as for discussion regarding different internet marketing issues. We also provide different internet marketing service with very reasonable price; we started internet marketing offers or services for providing batter result to webmasters, website owners and also for link sellers.

At our initial stage we only providing Directory Submission offers for you, we will update the services as per the market requirement and demand for services.

Webmasters can gather link in our Directory section http://directory.linkhunger.com which is free web general directory for instant approval, or Do blog commenting in our Linkhunger blog section http://blog.linkhunger.com, we update post once in two days or get membership in our webmasters forum section http://forums.linkhunger.com for marketing issue discussion with other web experts. Now we are looking for start social bookmarking section which is again one more beneficial section for webmasters. This new section will announce soon.

Linkhunger team is always ready for putting maximum efforts for developing good quality platform for webmasters and for other professionals contacted with internet marketing.

Enjoy every movement in Linkhunger.

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