Dreamhost is a web hosting service that offers a wide range of features to users.  Established in 1997, this hosting service has become a favorite of many users with an extremely loyal customer base.  They are completely customer-based and will even send out informative newsletters and post essential items to their blog whenever it is necessary.

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One of the best features that many users like is their completely customizable in-house web hosting panel.  This control panel is not an off the shelf control panel, such as cPanel, Dreamhost’s web panel offers all the same options that are available on cPanel but there are more options on the panel that cPanel doesn’t offer.  They include such things as support and billing right on the panel.  In addition, their 1-click installs seem to be easier to use and are updated more than cPanel’s comparable feature Fantastico.  There are also many goodies involved that are not available from cPanel, including streaming media tools.  You can install many scripts, free of charge, with their 1 click feature.  These include Gallery, phpgeview, Dotproject, Joomla, MediaWiki, AdvancePoll, the ever popular WordPress, Zen cart, Plugg, Moodle, phpBB, Webcalender and many more.  To set up a script, all you need to do is select the root folder installation path and provide the MySQL database login information.  It’s that easy.

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Dreamhost though, does not support cPanel in its entirety.  What this means is that they do have an easy to use import feature that allows you to give your cPanel login information and they will import the site completely from the web hosting company of your choice.  In addition, they will do everything for you and set the old cPanel up into their Dreamhost web panel.

Another feature is their very popular PHP programming language.  PHP is a general purpose scripting language that is perfectly suited to web development that is server-side.  It can be used for client-side GUI applications as well as command-line scripting.  It can be used with many relational database management systems and can be deployed on most platforms, operating systems and web servers.  In addition, PHP, unlike Ruby, is designed to require less memory to run.  Essentially, this means that PHP is easier to deploy.  PHP offers many web application frameworks including those that are .NET and Java based.

One of Dreamhost’s most popular features is that it supports MySQL databases.  In fact, they offer an unlimited number of them with any of their plans.  Dreamhost offers MySQL, which in fact is a database system that operates under open-source Structured Query Languages.  They make daily automatic back-ups and your database disk usage counts towards your total plan disk limits.  In addition, you can access your MySQL databases remotely.

Dreamhost is essentially a web hosting service that offers a plethora of fully customizable features.  This includes an in-house web panel that has all of the features that the typical cPanel web panel offers and much more.  They offer and support many programming languages including PHP, which is a very popular scripting languages.  In addition, MySQL databases are completely supported by Dreamhost.

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