If you ask my parents, Smartphones are a worthless piece of device intend to ruin their children’s life. We often get to hear from people who smartphones are the worst invention, is that really true? According to me, it’s completely in our hands how we limit the usage of something, Otherwise, knives would have been banned by now.

Where the minority of people dreams of a smartphone free world, majority keeps dreaming for the best smartphone on the market. From knowledge, business, entertainment to security, smartphones have made our life too convenient.

We are able to make money transactions globally from a click of a button even at 30,000 feet in the air.

Who’d thought that someday we’ll be sending money from one corner of the world to the other in a matter of Seconds?


Here are 4 reasons why smartphones are the best technology invention of all time.


Whether you own a retail company or an online business, there is always need to organize, transact and communicate. You don’t have to get in touch with your banker now every time you want to deposit or withdraw money.

You no longer need someone to remind you of something important like meetings and bill payment every hour, it is all possible by installing just a few Apps in your business smartphone.

2.Global Social Interaction

20 years back it wasn’t possible to interact with random people on a global scale but now platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. has made possible for us to expand our circle and knowledge every day using smartphones. Gone are the days when you had to wait for your rich friend to buy the best smartphone on the market, now you can see that in a 12-year-old kid’s hand.

Well, it’s a completely different thing if you keep checking Facebook and WhatsApp every 2 minutes  to check if your crushed is online or not.

It’s a privilege to connect with people from over the world with the help of the internet, but there is a thin line between “We run the internet” and “The internet runs us.”


We are living in a society where good stand beside evil. We never know when we or our loved ones can get into any emergency situation, the only thing that comes in handy during these situations is our smartphone.

Lost your way, need medical help or need to report a crime, it’s all on fingertips. Everything has flaws, so do smartphones but it is getting more secure than ever.

4.Faster Access to Resources

Smartphones save plenty of our time, from paying a bill to getting grocery can be done online via our phones. Today 60% of the internet users are smartphone users which show its importance and the amount of time it saves.

You can order goods worth millions, hire employees and browse information in the blink of an eye with services like 4G/5G internet.

Smartphones are even changing they way our brain works, rather than collecting information from limited sources, now our brain tries to find best sources where information can be found.

With more upcoming future technological advancements, who knows you might be able to control your whole house using just a smartphone. Do a smartphone comparison and find the best smartphone on the market.

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