Stay safe by learning how to protect yourself from credit card fraud!

Smart hackers and robbers can make you bankrupt with credit card frauds. This is nothing but robbery of your pocket taking the name of your credit card account. This happens very frequently almost every day and thus you should know how to protect yourself from credit card fraud. Such forgery is reflected in your bills where you may find expenses that you have never made. Wondering how such things can happen? Well, may be any dishonest bank clerk takes a photo of your card and uses the account number to shop for him and add the bills to your name. Hackers can also get the account numbers from the cancelled bills that you probably throw into the bins and never get back to know where they are going. Thus it’s not tough for the password breakers to sneak into your account and have a gala time with your credit money. So the precautions should be taken.

stopping credit card fraud

A few advises about how to protect yourself from credit card fraud

There are a few basic steps you can follow to save yourself the loss. If you do not know yet how to protect yourself from credit card fraud then this article can help you to be cautious.

  • Never lend your card to anybody: It will be foolish of you to lend your card to anybody because may be your family member or friend will not make the forgery but you never know about who else is getting to view your credit account number and password code. So taking such risks should be avoided.
  • Never sign blank receipts: While making any monetary transactions through credit cards, you should never sign any blank receipt. You should strike out the blank space with a pen line through between the total and the price of the items purchased. You must also store these bills for future reference.
  • Keep an eye on your card: While making transactions with your card, you should notice all around whether anybody is trying to read through your account number. Make sure you take the card back before leaving the place. Also check your credit card bills online to know whether any wrong entries are made there.

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