Are you a businessman or an entrepreneur? Have you ever wondered what’s the difference between the two? Business people and entrepreneurs have many similarities. They both provide jobs for the unemployed, give solutions to the consumers, and help in developing the economy of a certain nation. However, they are not the same kind of people.

A businessman is any person that engages in a series of economic activities to earn a profit. An entrepreneur, on the other hand, is someone who conceives an idea or a solution to a current problem that the society is facing, finds investors and sets up an enterprise to offer his expertise to the general public.

Difference Between Businessman and Entrepreneur.

There are many differences in the way both think, operate, and do business.

Businessman Characteristics:

  • Define Success as success of his Business & Stakeholders.
  • Tries hard to beat his Competitors & win competition.
  • Customers are lifeblood of his Business.
  • Sees Customers as source of sales & revenue.
  • Hires Employees to grow his Business.
  • He is an Employer & Manager.
  • Take Calculated and Managed Risk boss.
  • Can’t afford to loose Money & Suffer from Bankruptcy.
  • Do Business to make Profits/Become own Boss.
  • Do Business for Livelihood & Financial Goals.
  • Mainly Looks for Unoriginal Ideas.
  • Show Interest in Franchise or Hot Business.
  • A Business mainly focused on Money.
  • Only gives importance to a part of the business world.
  • He Focuses on competition.
  • A businessman is apprehensive of changes/

Entrepreneur Characteristics:

  • Doesn’t define the success. He think let the history define the success of his accomplishments.
  • Tries to beat himself.
  • Sees Customers as Duty & Fulfillment.
  • He is a Friend and Leader.
  • Take Crazy Risks.
  • Don’t care loosing Money & Time to pursue their Passion.
  • Do Business to Pursue their Passion.
  • Focused on What they can offer to the world make a difference.
  • He is an Inventor.
  • Invests Time Energy & Money on his own Idea.
  • An Entrepreneur mainly focused on finding solution to a Problem, then on Money.
  • Gives importance to the Business world as a whole.
  • He Focuses on cooperation.
  • An entrepreneur is always eager to face challenging business conditions.

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